Seminar of 32nd division in laboratory 325

10th of december 2012

A scientific qualification seminar of 32nd division “Remote sensing of inhomogeneous media” tooked place in lab 325.
Attending people: 11 of 15.
Discussion on the materials by Oleg Volkov’s dissertation for the degree of PhD by specialty 01.04.03 “Radiophysics”.
Thesis – “Experimental study of selective excitation of characteristic waves in the ionosphere of the Earth.”
In the debate were:
Kutuza B.G., Podgidaev V.N., Lukin D.S., Moshkov A.V., Kalinkevich A.A., Bystrov R.P., Smirnov V.M.
Recommendations: Change the name to the comments made.
To consider the submitted work relevant with respect to the specialty 01.04.03 “Radiophysics” and recommend to the Academic Council IRE Kotelnikov RAS accept work for consideration.